The Oval Chalet / Old Skating Rink Campaign

The Oval Chalet / Old Skating Rink

(Opposite Reeves beach public open space)

Whatever you call the land, we call the secret sale that loses public open space and money a scandal.

  • The Council sold to a developer knowing that the site would have no usable public open space.
  • The land was sold for £160,000 when experts value it between £1.0 and 1.5 mn.
  • The conditional sale contract can and should be cancelled.
  • A re-sale for a scheme including a town square will make  far more money for Council Tax payers even after compensation because the sale price was ridiculously low.
  • The Council refuses to cancel ‘to protect its reputation’!!

Canterbury City Council clearly did not obtain the statutorily required Best Price and grievously misled the decision-making councillors into agreeing a) a low price b) not to offer the site to other developers or local people who were keen to buy and protect.

The conditional sale contract is ‘void’ and unenforceable. We are raising money for a barrister’s opinion and a conflict valuation on the path to force the Council to cancel an illegal contract.

The Council should care more for us and the town than the reputation of, let’s face it, certain powerful individuals.

Please make a donation however small using the form with contact detail so we can keep you informed if you wish.

Come along to a rolling public meeting at the Umbrella Centre, next to Wetherspoons, on Friday Oct 2nd from 6PM to 9PM.

The Oval Chalet Protection Community Group & The Whitstable Society (registered charity)

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