Grand Quiz Fundraising Event 25th Nov 2016

Our fundraising efforts together with the Oval Preservation Community Group continue apace for the Oval Judicial Review scheduled for 13th to 15th December.

The next significant event is another Grand Quiz, raffle, auction and supper on Friday 25th November, as detailed below.
This follows the very successful Quiz on 9th September which sold-out fast! We hope that many of you will choose to support this (and we recommend you secure tickets early!).

Whitstable Society and Oval Preservation Community Group Grand Quiz 25th November 2016


Judicial Review of the council's sale of the Oval chalet site

The City Council had tried to stop the Oval Campaign's application for a Judicial Review of their sale of the site, asserting that we were out of time and that all our five Ground were too weak to be worth considering.
At a 2 hour hearing in June, the Hon. Mr Justice Supperstone heard both sides and decided that the Oval Campaign were not late, due to the council’s withholding of documents, and that all of our 5 Grounds were worth airing at a full hearing, which is now listed for hearing in December.

If you are interested in the arguments here is the official transcript of the June 8th hearing. There are two distinct parts. The first explains the delay and the second examines why the Grounds are valid.

More details of the campaign can be found on the Oval Chalet Campaign Facebook Page

The Oval Campaign

Please help us defend legal Open Spaces from being given over for development without proper public consultation. The Oval case is turning out to be of national importance in ensuring that the legal safeguards that exist for Open Spaces cannot be circumvented, and the Open Spaces Society has contributed to our fighting fund.

Oval Chalet - Grounds of Challenge

See below for the grounds submitted for the oral hearing on 8th June when our request for permission for the claim to be granted to proceed to the substantive hearing was heard

Oval Chalet Public Meeting - 16th March

Hopefully many of you were able to attend the Public Meeting earlier this week - links to more details in the poster below below in case you weren't - NB closing date for objections is Friday 18th March.

Oval Public Meeting

The Oval - Latest Press Release



Campaigners in Whitstable have formally begun legal proceedings against Canterbury City Council over their mis-selling of a prime piece of much-valued town centre, sea front land.

Old Skating Rink Redevelopment - Public Consultation - 28th May to 30th May

See details below of a public consultation on the latest redevelopment proposals for the old Skating Rink - more recently used as a Tile Warehouse - click the image to see the full document

Public Consultation”></img></a></p>

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